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Annoying bell rattling NYC subway station for weeks silenced at last — but remains a mystery

See No Evil pizza restaurant, at the 50th street 1 train subway station. Manhattan NY Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Let freedom ring.

A mysterious bell tormenting an NYC subway station for weeks has finally been silenced, The Post can confirm.

The bell, which was ringing in the stairs to the downtown side of the 50th Street Station, fell silent some time Monday after nearly two weeks terrorizing straphangers and workers at shops in the Midtown subway tunnel.

New Yorkers passing by on their daily commute didn’t have a clattering clue where the obnoxious racket was coming from – until The Post reported on the mystery and the MTA insisted the sound wasn’t coming inside the station.

The buzz from there was was that the noise must be coming from an empty Duane Reade store next to the subway tunnel — and the former tenant’s and building owner confirmed they finally took action to stop the ringing.

“No more noise!” the building’s owner, Albert Laboz, told The Post.

“I was there myself,” he said, explaining he dropped by personally to ensure the bell had been silenced.

But the landlord said he had “no idea” what in the storefront had actually caused the ringing, as it was the tenant, Walgreens, which addressed it before he arrived.

Walgreens — which owns Duane Reade — confirmed the bell was theirs, but remained tight-lipped about its source.

“Thanks for reaching out to Walgreens communications regarding the alarm at one of our Duane Reade locations. Confirming the alarm has been turned off. No further comments at this time,” a representative for the pharmacy told The Post.

The bell may be gone, but the mystery rings on.

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