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Antifa supporter clashes with Muslim women over transgender kids following Pro-Palestinian protest: ‘Worlds collide’

An Antifa sympathizer was left stunned after three pro-Palestinian Muslim women refused to side with him about allowing kids to change their gender.

The masked Antifa supporter had been arguing about a child’s right to transition with conservative protestor Chris Elston on the streets of London following the city’s massive pro-Palestinian protests on Saturday.

Elston — known online as Billboard Chris — was asking for statistical proof from the unknown radical on why he believed children should be allowed to alter their gender after claiming it was “life-saving care,” a video posted by journalist Andy Ngô shows.

Unable to provide any fact-based evidence on the spot, the Antifa supporter turned to three Muslim women who walked over to see what the fuss was about as he became enraged with Elston.

“This guy is trying to propagate anti-LGBTQ propaganda. He is trying to tell children they are not allowed to be trans,” the unidentified individual states to the women.

“Yeah, they are not,” one of the women tells the Antifa member without hesitation.

“F–k you,” he responds to the woman, taken aback by their lack of support.

The three Muslim women then called out the masked man for having his nails painted black “as a man.”

WARNING — Graphic language:

Breaking: An America or Canadian militant Antifa activist who attended the London Palestine protest called @BillboardChris a fascist for opposing transitioning children. The Antifa man tries to rally Muslim women to his cause but they tell him they disagree with him too.

One of the women begins shouting at him that “in some religions, you can’t do that,” while another talks over her, saying that in “the three Abrahamic religions, LGBTQ is forbidden.”

“In some religions, they accept that, but in our religion, you can’t do that,” one of the pro-Palestinian women yells.

“Worlds Collide,” Elston said, standing off to the side as the Muslim women continued to passionately berate him.

“In some religions, they accept that, but in our religion, you can’t do that,” one of the pro-Palestinian women yells.

As the pro-Palestinian women’s heated verbal assault only intensified, they pestered the man to tell them what his religion was, but he refused to give them an answer.

“He doesn’t have a religion, he’s Antifa. Look at this little coward wearing his mask. He doesn’t have a religion. He just wants to cause mayhem,” Elston said.

The man then retreats with another masked Atifa supporter as the women briefly follow him, continuing to shout over one another.

“Yeah, you don’t identify yourself as s–t,” one of them yells before the three of them let the man walk off.

The relationship between the Islamic religion and LGBTQ+ varies between societies and observers of the faith.

Islam has become the world’s fastest-growing religion over the past several decades, with more than 1.9 billion people on the planet identifying as a member of the faith, according to 2023 numbers from the World Population Review.

Five Islamic-ruled countries — Iran, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Mauritania — still have the death penalty for those caught participating in same-sex sexual acts, according to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.

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