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Asylum seekers three times more likely to be approved in liberal New York or California than Texas or Florida

Migrants who file asylum cases in New York or California are three times more likely to get their cases approved than if they pursue them in Republican-led Texas or Florida, new data shows.

Analyzing the outcomes of asylum cases in the two liberal states — the top two destinations for new migrants entering the US — shows 61% of cases in New York and 66% of cases in California being approved from January to August.

That presents a stark comparison to conservative Texas where 19% of cases have been granted and Florida, which approved just 23% of cases in the same time period, according to the data obtained by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.

The average approval rate in asylum cases averaged 49% between 2013 and 2017 under Obama, 32% under Donald Trump and rose to 40% during the first months of Joe Biden’s presidency, according to previous TRAC data.

The courts in Democrat governed New York and California also oversee the majority of asylum cases in the country, the number of which have exploded during the current migrant crisis, which began in in 2021.

Thousands of migrants still pour into the country daily due to the Biden administration failing to get tough and tighten the rules on immigration, mostly from Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Colombia, according to CBP data.

New York City’s leaders have repeatedly said they have run out of shelter space after opening 200 facilities and that they have nowhere to put newly arriving migrants after 160,000 have come to the city since Spring 2022 all asking for shelter, food and services, which New York Gov. Kathy Hochul estimates will cost $2 billion.

Similarly, San Diego, California, has no room for new arrivals and has released over 13,000 asylum seekers onto the streets in recent weeks – with officials saying many have been smuggled into the country and don’t even know where they are.

“There are ways into America that we never envisioned. Congress has got to get its act together,” Michael Wildes, managing partner of law firm Wildes & Weinberg, P.C. told The Post.

“It’s the Wild West. [Immigration courts] are understaffed, and they keep putting people into Manhattan hotels and similar facilities around the nation. It’s compounding and turning into one of the biggest traffic jams I’ve ever seen,” he added.

Nationally, Customs and Border Protection admitted during their financial year, which ended September 30, over 900,000 people had been allowed into the country on humanitarian parole and were eligible to apply for asylum.

When a migrants are admitted to the US they are asked which destination they headed and given a Notice To Appear [NTA] at a court in that county, often years in the future as immigration courts are so backed up and oversubscribed.

The Post witnessed firsthand as migrants were handed court dates five years in the future in May.

When a migrants are admitted to the US they are asked which destination they headed and given a Notice To Appear [NTA] at a court in that county, often years in the future as immigration courts are so backed up and oversubscribed.

Previous figures analyzing where migrants were heading overwhelmingly show the top destinations to be New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and Chicago — some of the most expensive metropolitan areas on the planet.

Less than 10% of migrants stay in border towns, and most head to areas where there are established migrant populations from their home countries.

Due to the lengthy nature of asylum proceedings, courts are only expected to get more overwhelmed, meaning asylum seekers are legally allowed to be in the country and in many cases allowed to work, for years before their case is even initially heard by a judge.

In the first eight months of 2023 New York and California courts adjudicated over 13,200 cases each, both more than in the entire previous year. The next busiest courts are Texas, where judges adjudicated 7,000 cases, and Florida, where judges made 4,000 asylum decisions in the year to August.

The figures also show approval ratings have been increasing during the Biden administration, with California approvals rocketing from 34% of cases in 2020 to the current figure of two thirds. Once asylum is grated, an applicant can apply for citizenship.

In addition to all that, even asylum cases which are rejected can be appealed – and transferred to a different court.

“The culture is very different from one office to the next,” Wildes stated. “Clients will often move to different venues based on those generalities.”

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