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Chicago: A City Destroyed By The Woke Movement

Chicago, a city once famed for its thriving communities and vibrant culture, has now become a den of violence after the defund police movement decimated its law enforcement. The windy city became victim to woke policies and political correctness over the past years, which has enabled liberal politicians to instill radical changes on almost every front. Criminal justice reform, social welfare programs, and other liberal changes were enacted with little consideration for the consequences. In return — the city has become a prime example of the disastrous approach that comes with defunding the police. Arrests are down, crime is up, and criminals are emboldened to continue their lawless activities thanks to the city’s carefree approach to crime.  

FOX NEWS: Defund the police movement wrecks America’s third-largest city

By Michael Letts; July 11, 2023

The defund the police movement continues to wreak havoc on the streets of Chicago, as lawlessness and crime reach unprecedented levels. The city that was once known for its vibrant culture and thriving communities has now become a hotbed of violence and chaos. 

As a conservative and a former policeman, I am deeply concerned about the state of our cities and the safety of our citizens. It is high time we discard the misguided notions of “wokeness” and political correctness and return to the principles of law and order that have served our society well for centuries.

Chicago’s plunge into the depths of lawlessness can be attributed to the liberal policies and inept governance of its politicians. They have allowed the city to go ultra-liberal on virtually every front, from criminal justice reform to social welfare programs, without considering the consequences. In their misguided attempt to appease the radical left, they have abandoned the very principles that keep our society safe and secure.

One of the most glaring examples of this disastrous approach is the defunding of the police. The proponents of this movement argue that reallocating funds from law enforcement to social programs will somehow magically reduce crime. 

But the reality on the ground tells a different story. With fewer resources and diminished support, police officers are unable to effectively carry out their duties, and criminals are emboldened to commit more crimes.

The alarming drop in arrests in Chicago is a direct result of this misguided defunding. Police officers, once proud and dedicated public servants, now find themselves hesitant to intervene in dangerous situations. They are constantly second-guessing their actions, fearing backlash and accusations of misconduct. 

This hesitation is not without reason, as we have witnessed the vilification and persecution of police officers in recent years, often based on false narratives propagated by the media and activist groups. 

Is it any wonder that it is more difficult than ever to hire young police officers when, instead of cops being lionized for bravery, they are demonized?

Is it shocking to anyone that suicide rates and depression continue to rise within the ranks of our heroes and heroines wearing the blue?

Criminals roam freely on the streets of Chicago, knowing that the chances of getting caught are minimal. “Crime pays,” is often the rallying cry of the lawless. The brazenness of their acts is unparalleled, with individuals openly carrying firearms and engaging in violent crimes without fear of retribution. 

The lack of consequences for criminal behavior sends a dangerous message to the community: that lawlessness will prevail and that the safety and well-being of law-abiding citizens are of little concern.

Moreover, the decline in traffic stops and investigative stops is another alarming trend that contributes to the rising crime rates. These proactive policing tactics have proven effective in preventing crimes and deterring criminals. By reducing these essential practices, the city is essentially surrendering to criminal elements. It is a grave disservice to the residents who rely on law enforcement to protect their lives and property.

In this dire situation, it is essential to restore justice to Chicago and other cities suffering from the consequences of misguided liberal policies. We must reject the dangerous rhetoric of defunding the police and embrace a return to law and order. 

It is crucial to provide police officers with the necessary resources, training and support to carry out their duties effectively. We must empower them to do their jobs without fear of retribution and ensure that they have the tools to protect themselves and the communities they serve.

Furthermore, we need to address the root causes of crime in our society. This requires a comprehensive approach that includes strengthening families, promoting education and fostering economic opportunities. Instead of relying solely on social programs that perpetuate dependency and undermine personal responsibility, we should encourage individual initiative and provide pathways to success. A society that values hard work, personal accountability and strong moral values is more likely to thrive and be safe.

The current state of Chicago is a direct consequence of the misguided policies and misplaced priorities of its liberal leaders. The defund the police movement has proven to be a catastrophic failure, leaving our cities vulnerable to the ravages of crime. It is time to discard the dangerous notions of “wokeness” and political correctness and return to the principles that have upheld justice and civility throughout history. 

Restoring law and order is not a conservative or liberal issue; it is a matter of common sense and public safety. It is time to prioritize the well-being of our communities and provide the support our police officers need to protect and serve.

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