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DOJ Cover-up Protecting President Biden, Says Comer

Rep James Comer (R-KY) is saying the Department of Justice is engaged in a “cover-up” regarding allegations of corruption by President Biden and his family. Comer said that the cover-up is a slap in the face to the everyday American who has to watch Hunter Biden walk off essentially scott-free. Although nothing has been proven as of yet — two credible IRS whistleblowers have already stepped forward, corroborating Comer’s claims. Despite this, if a cover-up is already underway, it’s uncertain if the Biden family will ever face justice.

BREITBART: Comer: DOJ Engaged in a Cover-Up of Public Corruption at the Highest Level

By Jeff Poor; June 29, 2023

Thursday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. James Comer (R-KY), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, condemned the Department of Justice for a “cover-up” regarding allegations of corruption by President Joe Biden and his family.

“I mean, this is another example of the Department of Justice meddling to have a cover-up,” Comer said. “This is a cover-up of public corruption at the highest level. And if you go back to when we brought the general counsel for the National Archives in for a transcribed interview in the House Oversight Committee, they said the DOJ told them to stand down. We have FBI whistleblowers that Senator Grassley and I have worked with that said they were told to stand down on this investigation of Biden bribery.”

“Now you have two very credible IRS whistleblowers who have said the same thing,” he continued. “They started finding those shell companies that we disclosed in the House Oversight Committee. And I think they were on number five or number six out of 19, and they were told to stand down. So, we have a situation here where our federal government has been involved in a cover-up. It’s generated by the Department of Justice. And it continues with this Hunter Biden plea deal. I mean, this is a slap in the face of every American who works hard and pays taxes and believes in our system of justice.”

Photo: Lisa Ferdinando

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