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‘Doxxing Truck’ creator says he may tail antisemitic students for years

The creator of the so-called “doxxing truck” chasing allegedly antisemitic students from Harvard to Hunter College says his effort will continue indefinitely.

“We don’t think that your antisemitic record should die when you graduate,” said Adam Guillette, president of Accuracy in Media, a nonprofit that has been sponsoring the effort. “I think it’s incredibly important to make an example of these people.”

Guillette has become a bête noire of campus bigots after plastering the names and faces of roughly 150 students who have engaged in college antisemitism on video screens attached to large trucks parked outside their campuses.

Despite its popular moniker, the trucks are not actually doxxing anyone.

Guillette notes he’s not putting out sensitive personal information such as addresses or phone numbers on the targeted students.

But the trucks have been known to park outside the homes of students.

Guillette said a “possibility we’re considering” is sending trucks to the employers who hire the students in the years to come.

“There’s no statute of limitations on racism and antisemitism,” he said dryly.

Guillette attributed rising antisemitism among young people to Diversity Equity and Inclusion bureaucracies which have permeated education and cultural institutions in the last decade.

“It’s directly related to the massive increase in the emphasis of DEI in K-through-12 education,” he said.

Guillette, 42, a longtime conservative activist in Florida said the trucks didn’t start with college activists — they were first deployed in 2021 with messages protesting former Gov. Cuomo’s Emmy award, which he was later stripped of.

“Cuomo lied, thousands died, revoke his Emmy now,” the truck blared.

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“Cuomo lied, thousands died, revoke his Emmy now,” the truck blared.

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The pushback, however, has been fierce. During a ride along with a doxxing truck outside Hunter College — which staged an anti-Israel rally on Tuesday — The Post saw students hurling insults and flipping off the vehicle.

Others took photographs of the truck’s license plate.

Most wore masks in an effort to shield their identity.

Guillette is also being sued by a Columbia student who says his appearance on the “doxxing truck” has caused “pain and suffering, emotional distress and mental anguish.”

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