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Grizzly bear, pack of wolves fight over elk carcass in Yellowstone National Park, video shows

It was survival of the hungriest.

A grizzly bear and a large pack of gray wolves duked it out over a dead elk carcass in Yellowstone National Park, dramatic footage shows.

Video, captured by scientist Taylor Rabe in late July, shows a lone bear chomping down on the elk’s remains in a river before pulling it onto the bank, where hungry wolves can be seen lurking.

The bear chases one of them away, but another comes from behind and starts eating the bruin’s dinner.

The grizzly tried to scare that wolf off as a fourth one can be seen coming around.

The bear then turns back to his commandeered meal before seemingly deciding he’s had enough and starts to shuffle away.

The clip then cuts to the pack of seven wolves ravenously feasting on the dead elk by the river’s edge, after Rabe said they chased the bear away.

After they ate to their heart’s content, birds, including a bald eagle, can be seen picking at the carrion.

Rabe is a biological science technician for the Yellowstone Wolf Project and frequently shares footage of wolves in the area on her Instagram account.

“The Junction Butte wolves were fortunate enough to weed out a cow elk, and everyone in the valley got to enjoy a piece of it – wolves, bears, eagles, ravens, turkey vultures, magpies, and even the coyotes. Again, nothing goes to waste, ever.”

Rabe said in her post that wolves are primarily feeding on elk and bison calves and “carcasses that pop up on the landscape, especially during the peak of the bison rut.”

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