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Hunter Biden’s ‘sugar brother’ Kevin Morris could be prosecuted for ‘lies’: ‘Mutually destructive spiral’

First son Hunter Biden isn’t the only one tied up in legal battles: so is his BFF super-lawyer Kevin Morris.

Morris, a fervent Democratic party supporter and Hollywood power broker best known for financially launching “South Park,” has become known as Hunter’s “sugar brother” for the money he has funneled to him, and the help he has given him.

Worth millions through his part in Hollywood deals, Morris allegedly loaned the younger Biden $2 million to pay off his overdue federal taxes, helped him market and sell some of his artwork, flies him around on his private jet and has acted as his fixer for Hunter’s myriad legal battles.

One critic called the relationship “mutually destructive spiral.”

And now, The Post can reveal, the California State Bar has opened an official ethics investigation into the flashy, bong-smoking Malibu lawyer, 60, who’s been linked to Hunter in what often seems more like a bromance than an attorney-client relationship since 2019.

And in a separate development, on Friday it will be Morris’ turn to be in the legal spotlight. A conservative group which has publicized the contents of Hunter’s laptop is suing Morris in a California court to try and shut down his own lawsuit against it, accusing him of an attack on their free speech.

The developments show how Morris’ relationship with Hunter, 53, has enmeshed him in sprawling legal entanglements far removed from his regular deal-making, which as well as brokering a deal worth hundreds of millions for “South Park” has included investing in the hit “Book of Mormon” musical on Broadway.

Morris’ high-profile clients and pals include Matthew McConaughey, Chris Rock, Courteney Cox and Minnie Driver, and his Hollywood credentials include being part of a power couple:His wife Gaby Morgerman is a partner in the motion picture talent department of uber-agents William Morris Endeavor.

The couple share a sprawling Malibu home which they bought in 2009 for $11 million from the late Olivia Newton-John.

But now Morris has also taken over Hunter’s stake in an LLC, Skanateales, that owns 10% of a private equity fund called BHR that is controlled in large part by the Bank of China, according to company records.

BHR was founded shortly after Hunter and President Joe Biden visited China in 2013 and is a focus in House Republican investigations into the Bidens’ business dealings.

But because of his alliance with Biden, Morris also become embroiled in shenanigans of his own that are serious enough to have landed him in hot water with the California State Bar.

The State Bar has warned him its investigation could result, documents obtained by The Post show, in “investigation or prosecution.” At the moment, however, Morris has been an attorney in good standing with the State Bar for 35 years. He declined comment to The Post.

But because of his alliance with Biden, Morris also become embroiled in shenanigans of his own that are serious enough to have landed him in hot water with the California State Bar.

The probe arises out of Morris’ dealings with Irish filmmaker Phelim McAleer in the fall of 2021 when the attorney flew on his Dassault Falcon 50 private jet to Serbia, where McAleer and his wife Ann McElhinney were filming his movie “My Son Hunter,” a dramatic reconstruction of the First Son’s drug- and prostitute-filled years as revealed on Hunter’s laptop.

McAleer accuses Morris of “spying” on the set and saying only that he was a lawyer for Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of “South Park,” and that he was doing a documentary on Hunter.

McAleer alleges he never said he also represented Hunter or even knew him, an omission which McAleer used as the basis of the ethics complaint he filed with the State Bar last year.

The State Bar’s Office of Chief Trial counsel has now placed Morris officially under investigation, assigned the case to an investigator and told McAleer it could lead to “further investigation and prosecution,” according to documents he shared with The Post.

“He’s probably the worst lawyer Hunter Biden could have,” McAleer told The Post, referencing both Morris’ alleged antics on behalf of Hunter and also his bong-smoking.

Morris was photographed taking a bong rip on the balcony of his Malibu home last month when Hunter paid him the first of two recent visits.

“Between the two of them what you see is peak entitlement,” McAleer said. “They’re locked in a mutually destructive spiral that will end in tears.”

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