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Jill Biden vows not to give up on Joe after disastrous debate as she appears on cover of Vogue

Speaking from Camp David where the Biden family were holed up for the weekend, Jill told the magazine “will not let those 90 minutes define the four years he’s been president.”

“We will continue to fight,” she continued in the feature published Monday, claiming that Biden “will always do what’s best for the country.”

The first lady’s defiance comes as she faces a firestorm of criticism for not forcing her 81-year-old husband to give up his re-election campaign following last week’s face-off against former President Donald Trump.

The train wreck debate resulted in widespread calls from Democrats for Biden to step aside and for resignations among his top aides.

Jill, on her part, was widely mocked for telling her husband in the aftermath that he “did such a great job” – despite him repeatedly losing his train of thought and speaking in a weak voice.

Some Republicans have even gone as far as accusing Jill of “elder abuse.”

During the fawning Vogue interview — in which writer Maya Singer called Jill Biden “a great hang” — the first lady addressed her sway in her husband’s political career.

She told the glitzy mag that she pushes the president to take action “in so many different areas.”

“I tell him what I’m seeing, what I’m hearing — and he gets it,” she said proudly.

“And this is where the magic happens.”

Katie Rogers, a White House correspondent who recently wrote a book about first ladies, noted Jill Biden’s often-unnoticed pivotal role.

“People don’t mention her when they talk about Biden’s key advisers, but she’s his gut check and his closest confidant,” Rogers was quoted as saying.

“And she really believes in her husband’s ability to get things done for the American people — whether they’re his supporters or not. That’s why she’s fighting so hard for him to get a second term, because there are things they’ve got left on the agenda. And she’s told me she’ll travel twice as much, and fight twice as hard, because of the threats she sees — especially to women.”

“People don’t mention her when they talk about Biden’s key advisers, but she’s his gut check and his closest confidant,” Rogers was quoted as saying.

The profile – the second Vogue cover Jill has graced since being in the White House — the first lady defended Biden’s record, rattling off what she hailed as some of his accomplishments.

“If people knew what Joe’s done — with the recovery act, and infrastructure, and CHIPS,” she said.

“If they knew all of that — I mean, the bridge is being built in their city and they don’t know who did it. They don’t know who’s getting the lead out of their water. They don’t know who’s stopping the pipeline going through the parklands. They don’t know.”

“That’s why I’m trying to be out there,” she continued. “Why we’re all trying. To say, ‘This is what we’ve achieved, and this is how it affects your life.’ ”

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