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McDonald’s customer flips out at drive-thru window, hurls drinks at staff: ‘Give me some food!’

An “erratic” man at a McDonald’s drive-thru took “hangry” to a whole new level as he hurled drinks at workers and demanded “give me some food!” in a now-viral video on TikTok.

The unidentified man, donning a beanie, blue polo shirt and sunglasses on his head, was on foot when he threw open the drive-thru window at McDonald’s in White Marsh, Md. — about 16 miles north of Baltimore — and told a worker: “You do this! You do this, dumb b—h!”

During his fit of rage, the man also grabbed an order of fries and a small drink from near the window, seemingly where items get lined up to be handed to drive-thru customers, and threw it at a worker.

He then grabs a large soda and chucks it into the restaurant, where people out of view can be heard gasping and screaming. It wasn’t immediately clear if anyone was hurt.

“Shut it down right now!” he screams while grabbing at the soda machine in an apparent effort to tear it apart.

“Give me some food!” he adds, then points into the McDonald’s restaurant, seemingly at one of the employees.

When he’s unsuccessful in damaging the soda machine, he reaches for a register, shouting “I own all this s–t!”

When he rips the register off its hinges, it sends the entire rack of registers and other devices toppling over, which he vigorously shakes in his tantrum to get some “damn real food.”

He then threatens to confront one the workers if they don’t give him “some f–king food,” and a staffer on camera reassures him that his meal is “coming out.”

“He’s cooking your order right now,” a woman is heard saying in the one-minute and 20-second video that’s garnered more than 69,000 views since it was posted on Tuesday.

“Give me some f–king fries! Give me that bag of fries right there,” the man demands.

“B—h! I’m gonna grab your head, grab me that bag of fries right there,” he says again while pointing through the drive-thru window.

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“B—h! I’m gonna grab your head, grab me that bag of fries right there,” he says again while pointing through the drive-thru window.

In a move that shocked commenters, workers handed the man a bag of food one minute into his fit of rage.

“The fact they STILL gave him food after that…” one commenter wrote, while others quipped that they should have given him “scalding hot coffee” or “hot oil” instead.

But one bag isn’t enough for the furious customer, who demands that the worker hand him “both bags, both bags you stupid b—h.” The female staffer obliges, handing him what seems to be the bag of fries he was demanding.

The man snatches the bags, but it doesn’t quell his violent outburst. He calls the woman a “stupid f–king whore” and screams other insults before ending his rant with: “F–k you all!” and slamming the drive-thru window closed.

It wasn’t clear if the man was intoxicated during the incident, though much of his tirade was hard to make out because of how much the man was slurring his words.

It was also unclear if the man was arrested. The Post has sought comment from White Marsh’s local police department.

Representatives for McDonald’s did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

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