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Never-before-seen footage shows young girls being rescued from twisted cult run by their pedophile dads

Newly-released footage shows the chilling moment cops find two missing girls on a remote Doomsday cult compound in Utah. Video shows police rescuing the sisters on a dark December evening in the wilderness of a polygamist compound after being kidnapped by their father. Dinah Coltharp, eight, and Hattie Coltharp, four, were found in Lund, south of Salt Lake City in December 2017 after a highly-publicized amber alert search. Samantha and Hattie, the two youngest, were being kept in a 50-gallon blue water barrels to hide them from authorities, where they had been for more than 24 hours in below-freezing temperatures. Dramatic images shows two of the girls being rescued. They were barefoot and wearing what looked like thin leggings. The two older girls were found in an abandoned trailer. All were dehydrated. When questioned, Shaffer said the girls were being hidden from police. Police fear the men planned to marry Coltharp's daughters off to Shaffer who was described as the 'prophet' of the cult. Deputies discovered the four girls in barrels and an abandoned trailer on a makeshift compound of shipping containers in the Utah desert about 275 miles south of Salt Lake City. Hattie and Dinah's brothers William, then seven, and Seth, six, were found earlier on that same day. They had also been taken by their father. A mother of two of the girls, Micha Coltharp, had reported them missing along with two of her sons, which triggered an Amber Alert. The raid was a culmination of a weekslong effort by Micha to get custody of the couple's four children after her husband took them to join the group he'd formed with Shaffer. The men took the children to the compound in preparation for an apocalypse or in hopes of gaining followers, authorities said.


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Newly emerged video footage shows the spine-tingling moment Utah authorities rescued two little girls who were stuffed inside blue water barrels at the site of a bizarre doomsday cult led by their pedophile dads.

Police found the confused girls, aged just 7 and 4, in December 2017 as they shivered inside 50-gallon barrels on sparse property used by the Knights of the Crystal Blade, bodycam footage obtained by the Explore With Us YouTube channel shows.

There was also a loaded gun on the ground next to the pair, photos from the scene in Lund show.

“I don’t have pants on!” one of the little girls repeatedly tells the rescuing officers as they try to coax her and the other youngster into a warm vehicle.

When police ask where two of the girls’ young sisters are, they suggest they’re also being held in containers.

“They’re in a box really far away from us,” one of the shivering youngsters says, although the siblings were later found in a trailer.

One of the girls was a daughter of the perverted cult’s self-proclaimed profit, Samuel Shaffer, who is now serving 26 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to child rape and abuse.

The youngest girl was the daughter of leading disciple John Coltharp, who is serving at least 25 years behind bars for sodomy and child bigamy.

The two pedophiles are believed to have “married” their own youngest daughters, their trials heard.

At the time of the dramatic rescue, Coltharp two daughters and two sons had been missing since September 2017, when their mother filed for divorce and sought custody of the children.

The boys, aged 6 and 7, were found safe shortly after police raided the cult’s property in December, but the girls were nowhere to be seen, prompting a nationwide AMBER Alert.

At the time of the dramatic rescue, Coltharp two daughters and two sons had been missing since September 2017, when their mother filed for divorce and sought custody of the children.

While Coltharp was arrested for kidnapping at the scene, Shaffer remained with police under caution – and repeatedly refused to say where any of the girls were.

“I’ll take his ass up in the helicopter and throw him out,” one frustrated cop could be heard saying as the authorities struggled to locate the children under the dark of night.

After all four girls were rescued from the property, an investigation revealed that Shaffer and Coltharp were “betrothed” to some of the young girls, KUTV reported at the time.


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