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New York Magazine writer sparks outrage as claims Zionists worked with Nazis during WWII

A senior writer for New York Magazine has come under fire for a series of tweets he made in which he claimed that Zionists worked with Nazis during World War II and allowed some of the horrors of the Holocaust.

“Wait til they find out Zionists could’ve saved hundreds of thousands of Jews from the gas chambers and decided not to,” wrote Tirhakah Love, author of New York Magazine’s Dinner Party newsletter who previously publicly celebrated the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

“The Nuremberg trials revealed they actively negotiated with Nazis and even helped SS officers in Hungary get off with mass murder,” he claimed. “This is not about antisemitism.”

The tweets were from Oct. 11, just days after Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel and killed 1,400 people, mostly civilians, and took more than 200 hostages.

However, they only seemed to have caught the attention of fellow X users on Sunday, when scholars called Love out for his false claims.

Among them was Yascha Mounk, a German-American political scientist and writer for The Atlantic who suggested the writer was out to be even more outrageous than the dozens of Harvard student groups who claimed in a a letter that Israel was “solely responsible” for Hamas’ slaughter.

“Writer for Vox and New York Magazine: Hold my beer. Hm, How can I beat the depravity of that? OK I got it, ‘Zionists’ are responsible for the Holocaust,’” tweeted Mounk, whose ancestors were killed in the Holocaust.

“I don’t want journalists fired over a single tweet, no matter how stupid and vile,” the scholar stressed.

“But one of the things that makes cancel culture so corrosive is that it turns everything into a zero-sum conflict — and reveals very quickly who counts and who doesn’t.

“Does anyone seriously think that a writer who suggests that slavery was ‘really’ the responsibility of Africans would continue to be employed by Vox or New York Magazine? Of course they wouldn’t,” he tweeted.

“But hey, it’s Jews. They’re white. And privileged. And guilty. So you can say whatever you want about them without consequence.”

Izabella Tabarovsky also said the idea Love was spouting was created as Soviet propaganda, telling X users to read her own dissertation on the subject in Tablet Magazine.

Author and quantitative marketer Eric Seufert also condemned Love’s tweets as “patently false.”

Izabella Tabarovsky also said the idea Love was spouting was created as Soviet propaganda, telling X users to read her own dissertation on the subject in Tablet Magazine.

“What you’ve written here is patently false, and the conclusions you draw from your own ahistorical interpretation of the facts are utterly deranged and reprehensible,” he wrote.

Love’s X account had been made private by Monday morning.

The writer did not immediately respond to messages, nor did Vox Media, the publisher of New York Magazine.

This is not the first time Love has come under fire for his tweets — he previously caught flak over comments he made in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

“You can’t be a literal oppressor and not expect people you’ve oppressed not to rejoice on news of your death,” Love wrote at the time.

“Now I’m supposed to be quiet, or better yet, actually mourn what was a barely breathing Glad ForceFlex trash bag? Please, no.

“We all have our methods of mourning friends; doing the electric slide on a colonizer’s grave just happens to be mine.”

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