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Newest Pride Flag Variation is Running Out of Space

The LGBTQIAP2S+ community has introduced another flag that they feel accurately represents their community. Designer Valentino Vecchietti, who uses the pronouns “She/They,” created the new “Intersex friendly” flag with a new yellow triangle, purple circle, and infinity sign across the flag to represent both Intersex and autistic people since the original flag was “not inclusive enough.” The city of London featured the flag without the infinity sign and hung it across Regent Street, a popular street in England’s capital city which features many shops and restaurants. Activists are calling the lack of the most updated flag an attack on the “Sideways 8 community.”

BREITBART: To Infinity and Beyond! Latest LGBTQIAP2S+ Pride Flag Features Rainbow Infinity Symbol

By Kurt Zindulka; June 21, 2023

The latest update to the ever-evolving LGBTQIAP2S+ Pride flag now literally includes an infinity sign intended to symbolise autistic people.

Valentino Vecchietti, the creator of the ‘Intersex Inclusive Pride’ flag, which added a yellow chevron and a purple circle to the ‘Progress Pride’ flag in order to symbolise intersex people — those who are born with ambiguities in their sexual organs  — has updated the flag, as apparently, it was not inclusive enough.

Despite previously claiming that her flag was a “flag for everyone”, Vecchietti evidently evolved on this thinking and saw fit to add a rainbow-coloured infinity symbol to “recognise the broad and varied experiences of those with neurodiversity who wish to feel visibly included in our Pride flag.”

Vecchietti, who goes by she/they pronouns, added: “I hope it brings you joy this Pride Season. The detail of the flag: the rainbow infinity symbol touches every colour and every section of our Pride flag. I am happy to freely share the flag files of this version of the Intersex-Inclusive Pride flag.

“I created this version of my flag simply as an offering for those who wish for it. Please remember that there is already an Autistic Pride flag which you can download on wikipaedia: it has the rainbow infinity symbol on a yellow background.”

The latest instalment of the multi-identity flag has drawn some criticism. British comedian and GB News host Andrew Doyle, an openly gay man, said of the new flag: “Surely by now most gay people are sick of being lumped in with this nonsense?”

Reclaim Party leader Laurence Fox, who is facing a potential police investigation for burning the previous incarnation of the flag, said: “Who’s going to tell [Mayor of London Sadiq Khan] that there’s an even more inclusive flag now?”

“To show solidarity with the Sideways 8 community, he should replace the old less inclusive flags on Regent Street with this more inclusive one. The Sideways 8 community are very marginalised,” Fox quipped.

This year, London’s famed Regent Street was adorned with numerous Vecchietti’s Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride flags to honour LGBTQIAP2S+ pride month.

Last week, footage emerged appearing to show government workers taking down Britain’s Union Jack flag, discarding it on the floor, and hoisting up the multicoloured pride flag in its place.

A bystander could be heard saying: “You’re taking the wrong fucking flag down mate!” to which the council worker replied: “You think I don’t know that?”.

Photo: Twitter// @ValentinoInter

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