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Party yacht doc Scott Burke — who was busted on boat with guns, drugs and ‘prostitutes’ — lives in this ultra-exclusive Florida enclave

The retired doctor who was busted on his yacht this week with guns, drugs and alleged prostitutes onboard lives a life of heavily guarded opulence inside a private Key Largo enclave.

Scott Burke, 69, resides in the ultra-exclusive Ocean Reef Club, where members who shell out tens of millions of dollars for splendorous waterfront homes are assured that “prying eyes” aren’t tolerated.

“One of the great features of a private club such as Ocean Reef is the privacy,” reads its website. “Many of our members can come with their family and feel that they are home, away from prying eyes and curious onlookers.”

Locals said members seclude themselves in the enclave and are shielded from the world beyond its fortified gates.

“They have more money than freaking God out there and they act like they can do whatever they want,” a longtime local resident familiar with the Ocean Reef Club’s operations told The Post.

“It’s like millionaires row … People come down here and they think there are no rules so they do stupid s–t,” the source added.

Married father of two Burke’s cordon of privacy was abruptly trampled in the distant waters of Nantucket Harbor last Wednesday when police boarded his 82-foot vessel, the Jess Conn, after a woman called police and said she was overdosing on drugs and wanted off the boat.

Responding officers found several guns onboard — along with cocaine, ketamine and prostitutes, according to reports.

Burke was arrested and is facing several criminal charges in Plymouth District Court.

Key Largo locals said Burke had likely become accustomed to near-invisibility in his Florida community, where entrants are subject to stringent security screening.

“You have to get your fingerprints taken there,” said a local worker. “It’s too much.”

Featuring a private airport — along with a marina and three “championship” golf course — Ocean Reef attracts the global elite from Kuwait to New York City, sources told The Post.

“That’s a secluded place,” the boat mechanic said. “I can’t go there even if the owner invites me to go to the bar because of the regulations of the club. If you don’t live there, then forget it.”

Featuring a private airport — along with a marina and three “championship” golf course — Ocean Reef attracts the global elite from Kuwait to New York City, sources told The Post.

He noted that a lot of “strange people” reside in the community.

“You don’t see families living there,” he said. “You see guys like that — people with private jets. They party for a week, then go away.”

Gaining clearance, he said, can sometimes take a full week — and visitors are escorted from the entrance to their destinations by security.

“The way they’re protected, nobody can just knock on your door,” he said. “There are no surprises.”

A Post reporter who requested access to the community was told to take a long walk off a short pier.

“So unfortunately they’re not expecting you,” he was told. “Even though I called them for clearance, they do no want you coming on the property.”

The mechanic said he had long suspected club residents of conducting questionable activities behind their insular walls, though he has no evidence of any specific wrongdoing.

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