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Rep. Lauren Boebert axed from bill for conservative Texas youth summit following ‘Beetlejuice’ groping debacle

Rep. Lauren Boebert has been removed from the bill of a conservative Christian youth summit following an incident where she was kicked out of a Denver theatre for getting handsy with her date and vaping, according to video from the event.

The Colorado Republican congresswoman, 36, has been removed from advertising for the Texas Youth Summit, scheduled for later this month, according to its online branding.

The rescinded speaking spot is the latest fallout for Boebert — who is in the middle of a divorce from her husband, Jayson — after video surfaced of the official being escorted out of a Denver performance of “Beetlejuice” earlier this month.

Footage of the incident showed Boebert, a hard-right conservative, rubbing the crotch of her date, bar co-owner Quinn Gallagher, while he in turn fondled her breasts.

Additionally, she was seen vaping and taking selfies before the couple was asked to leave the theater.

On her way out, Boebert apparently asked staff, “Do you know who I am?” before flipping them off.

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert filed for a divorce from her husband in May, leading the congresswoman to re-enter the dating scene.

In September, Boebert and her date, Aspen bar co-owner Quinn Gallagher, were booted from the family performance of “Beetlejuice” at Denver’s Buell Theater after she blew a plume of vape smoke into the air — but footage also showed the mom of four groping his crotch mid-show.

Following the debacle, the congresswoman blamed her behavior on her “public and difficult divorce” and later announced that “all future date nights have been canceled” between her and the bar owner.

Her now-estranged husband of 18 years, Jayson, took “full responsibility” for “the breakdown of our marriage.”

“I am appreciative to hear of Jayson’s sincere comments. This is a new season for us both grace and prayers for our family are welcomed by all,” the Republican firebrand said to the Daily Beast.


Prior to her raunchy behavior being caught on camera, Boebert had been prominently featured as a key speaker at the Texas summit and as part of a VIP reception.


Last year, Boebert took to the stage at the same summit with a pistol strapped to her thigh to speak to an audience of 12- to 26-year-olds.

The youth summit, which has prominently featured a cross on its stage in previous years, says it aims to spread Christian values to young people.

“We are working to educate young people with conservative and most importantly, Judeo-Christian values so that they have the right worldview when they go off to college, or when they’re in their high schools, because of what the left is doing,” said summit founder Christian Collins.

Facebook users noticed the summit removed Boebert from all its advertising. “Wonder if they are reconsidering,” said Henry Whitham in a post on Facebook.

“For all her crying of sexual grooming she sure has no issue with grooming kids in a theater to think public groping is acceptable,” the wry post continued.

Boebert has previously accused transgender officials and left-wing politicians of grooming children.

Boebert, 36, initially denied vaping inside the theater before surveillance footage was released.

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