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‘Shark Tank’ star Kevin O’Leary rips Trump’s $454M civil fraud penalty as ‘an attack on America’

After former President Trump was unable to secure a $464 million appeal bond relating to the New York civil fraud judgment, critics have called out the unprecedented nature of the ruling and warned against what it could mean for America's future. O'Leary Ventures chairman and "Shark Tank" star Kevin O'Leary criticized the penalty on "Outnumbered" Tuesday, characterizing the developments as "an attack on America."

“Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary has blasted the $454 million bond former President Donald Trump has been ordered to cough up in his New York civil fraud case, arguing the “extraordinary” penalty is “an attack on America.”

The investor railed against the penalty after Trump’s attorneys revealed in court papers earlier this week that the ex-president hasn’t been able to secure the massive bond — raising the chances that New York Attorney General Letitia James will move to seize some of his prized Big Apple properties.

“This is the United States of America under siege,” O’Leary said during a Tuesday appearance on Fox News’ “Outnumbered”.

O’Leary, who heads the O’Leary Ventures firm, went on to argue that seizing assets on a bond was unprecedented and “very troubling” for the American economic brand.

“This is an attack on America and I don’t know how you can look at it any other way,” he said.

“And as an investor, and I know plenty of investors who are completely disturbed by this … but no one is going to put any money to work in New York in these amounts until this thing settles down.”

Trump, 77, has been given until March 25 to post the whopping sum under the bombshell ruling issued last month by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron.

The AG, who successfully argued at trial that Trump exaggerated his net worth by billions a year on financial statements to get better loan and insurance terms, has previously indicated she’ll go after his landmark properties if he doesn’t pay up.

“I think New Yorkers should think well past Trump, whether he’s president or not, or whether this attorney general has gone in four years or not, it’s irrelevant,” O’Leary said.

“This is case-setting against the American brand. The most stable country on Earth, anywhere, to put capital to work over a long period of time, particularly in real estate, is the United States of America.”

“This is an assault on what we believe to be core and I find it extraordinary. I think it’s very troubling. It has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump at this point, in my view. And it is completely bipartisan,” he added.

It comes after Trump went off on Judge Engoron in a series of Truth Social posts on Tuesday, calling the jurist a “corrupt puppet” in thrall to the attorney general and declaring that the sum is “practically impossible” to pay.

“Engoron laughed with disdain at the Appellate Division, his superior court, when they handed down a decision which essentially ended most of the case, and he REFUSED TO ABIDE BY IT. This is the first time something like that has ever happened in New York State,” Trump raged in the post.

It comes after Trump went off on Judge Engoron in a series of Truth Social posts on Tuesday, calling the jurist a “corrupt puppet” in thrall to the attorney general and declaring that the sum is “practically impossible” to pay.

“He is a Crazed, Trump Hating, Rogue Judge, has ZERO respect for the Appellate Judges, and has torn apart the Legal System in New York State, making it impossible for outside businesses to want to come there. Existing businesses will flee!!!

Trump’s legal team filed papers Monday seeking to get out of paying the large sum, which his lawyers said he’s had “insurmountable difficulties” securing — despite approaching 30 firms.

His attorneys argued the real estate tycoon shouldn’t have to dispose of his properties in a “fire sale” before the deadline because getting them back at the same price would be nearly impossible.

“I would be forced to mortgage or sell Great Assets, perhaps at Fire Sale prices, and if and when I win the Appeal, they would be gone. Does that make sense? WITCH HUNT. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!” Trump said in a follow up post.


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