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Shocking video shows moment Tesla is attacked by teen mob in Chicago

Startling video has captured a group of teens kicking and punching out the windows of a Tesla as it tried to escape an out-of-control street takeover in Chicago over the weekend.

Footage posted to Twitter showed a group of young men sitting on top of the vehicle and posing as they took photos on their cellphones Friday, prompting the driver to honk and inch forward in an apparent attempt to get the men off his car.

The group then starts banging on the hood of the white sedan, when a man cries out, “Oh s-t.”

At that point, the men start to put ski masks over their faces.

The footage then cuts to show two other vehicles doing doughnuts around each other on the other side of the road, as nearly 100 teenagers look on.

With the mob distracted, the Tesla driver tried to ram its way through the crowd, apparently hitting one person, who could be seen rolling on the ground as the car passed by.

It is then that the group tries to chase after the vehicle, which sideswipes a parked gray sedan as it tries to pass through.

As the crowd nears the vehicle, they could be heard screaming, “F–k this car up” and “What the f–k bro?”

They then start kicking at the vehicle, as the driver inside could be seen filming them.

The footage then zooms in to show the driver, who was wearing a black beanie, and apparently had another person sitting in the passenger seat.

The driver decides at that point to back up, as at least one hooded man starts punching at the window.

He then accelerates forward, sideswiping a gray sedan as he tries to flee the chaotic scene.

At that point, the vehicle’s side-view mirror is hanging off the car by a thread.

He then accelerates forward, sideswiping a gray sedan as he tries to flee the chaotic scene.

Another video of the incident shows the hooded man jumping over another car to punch out the driver’s side window.

After the vehicle sideswipes the car, it continues to drive forward while the unruly crowd tries once again to chase after it.

But a police officer on the scene tells the teenagers, “Hey, back it up, back it up.”

The camera then pans to show about half a dozen other police officers watching the crime, as the white Tesla is finally able to break free.

In a statement to the Post, a Chicago Police spokeswoman said a 33-year-old male and a 33-year-old female were “inside a vehicle at the above location when they were approached by several unknown individuals who began to damage the car while the victims remained inside” at around midnight on Friday.

“The male victim, who was the driver, attempted to flee with the vehicle, subsequently striking a sedan in the 200 block of N. Lower Columbus Drive.”

The area is a hot spot for car demonstrations, in which people drive at fast speeds and are known to make excessive noise, according to the Daily Mail.

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