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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem hit with lawsuit over bizarre Texas dental practice endorsement 

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem endorses Texas dental practice in ‘extremely bizarre’ social media infomercial

The suit, filed in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia by the consumer advocacy group Travelers United, accuses Noem of posting an “undisclosed advertisement” on her various social media accounts for Smile Texas.

“This is a misleading and deceptive advertising case,” the lawsuit states, claiming that the governor “advertised a product or service without disclosing that she has a financial relationship with that company.”

“She did not let her followers know when [she] is advertising on behalf of a brand,” it adds. “Travelers United is taking action to force her to make corrective disclosures on all social media posts where she promotes products or services.”

Noem’s five-minute-long infomercial-style testimonial was posted on her X, Truth Social, Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts — leaving users puzzled about why a sitting governor would apparently shill for an out-of-state dentist.

A spokesman for the governor and Smile Texas did not respond to The Post’s questions about whether she was paid to post the polished testimonial.

Noem, 52, explains in the video that “years ago” a biking accident left her needing a tooth adjustment.

Rather than having the procedure done locally, Noem opted to fly more than 1,000 miles from the South Dakota governor’s mansion, to Sugar Land, Texas, to get the two procedures needed to fix her smile done.

She touts the work of the practice’s dentists as being “absolutely phenomenal,” and the video is complete with before and after photos, several close-ups of her new chompers and Smile Texas’s logo slapped onto the end of it.

Democratic North Dakota State Sen. Reynold Nesiba has called for an investigation into Noem’s viral testimonial and out-of-state trip.

“I just thought it was a very strange video about how much she enjoyed having her teeth done at that particular place,” Nesiba, a member of the audit committee, told the Associated Press.

Nesiba noted that he’s curious about whether the governor used a state airplane or public funds for the Texas trip and whether Noem received any sort of discount for the procedure.

Former President Donald Trump revealed earlier this year that Noem is on his shortlist for potential running mates in the general election.

Former President Donald Trump revealed earlier this year that Noem is on his shortlist for potential running mates in the general election.

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