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Target shoplifter arrested for brawling with cops after carting out huge TVs

A shameless Atlanta Target shoplifter who desperately pleaded with cops that he didn’t want to “go to jail” was arrested for stealing nearly $1,300 worth of merchandise — including two huge televisions.

Daniel Berman, 34, was busted Tuesday on charges of obstruction of law enforcement officers and felony theft by shoplifting in connection with the brazen daytime heist, a portion of which was caught on video.

At around 5:30 p.m. Monday, Berman — who may have been high on drugs at the time — had marched into the Target store on Caroline Street NE in Atlanta.

Berman simply picked up a $499.99 LG 65-inch television and walked out without paying, according to an arrest report obtained by The Post.

Apparently unsatisfied with his initial haul, the greedy crook returned to the scene of the crime a short time later and went in for seconds — this time carting away a second LG television and a smattering of other items.

In all, the 34-year-old suspect had pilfered $1,288.90 worth of merchandise, according to a receipt provided to the police by the store’s loss prevention officer.

But Berman’s second foray into Target was less successful because it attracted the attention of a store security guard, who promptly went outside and flagged down cops who were responding to another call nearby.

“[The loss prevention] officer advised that the shoplifter from earlier in the day had returned to the location and he was about to exit the store with another television and multiple other miscellaneous items,” the responding Atlanta Police Department officer wrote in the report.

The cop positioned himself at the front entrance to the store to catch Berman red-handed.

As the mustachioed bandit was about to step outside, wheeling a shopping cart laden with the stolen TV, he spotted the cop, ditched his loot and took off running.

“During the chase, I tackled the male in front of the location and took him to the ground,” the officer wrote in the report.

Video of the arrest shows the officer body-slamming Berman, who is heard desperately screaming, “I didn’t mean it!” and “I don’t want to go to jail. I don’t want to go to f—ing jail.”

A struggle ensued, with the suspect violently resisting by punching the officer in the head, according to the police.

Video of the arrest shows the officer body-slamming Berman, who is heard desperately screaming, “I didn’t mean it!” and “I don’t want to go to jail. I don’t want to go to f—ing jail.”

The footage shows Berman, dressed in a white t-shirt and brown pants, rolling on the ground with the cop while grunting and yelling.

“Please stop, I need to go to the hospital!” the suspect cried out more than once.

Backup units arrived in the Target parking lot after a few minutes and finally restrained Berman.

“He appeared to be sweating profusely and suffered multiple abrasions on his arms from being on the concrete,” the officer observed in his report.

After being checked out by paramedics at the scene, Berman was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

“Grady EMS advised Mr. Berman had an elevated heart rate from possibly ingesting some Illicit drug and needed additional evaluation,” police said.

The officer who initially confronted Berman said that he suffered multiple cuts and abrasions to his hands and was treated at the scene for his injuries.

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