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Texas arrests 70 more migrants who stormed El Paso border, assaulted National Guard troops in wild caught-on-camera scene

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Texas authorities have arrested 70 additional migrants on rioting charges related to the March 21 incident in which they overran and assaulted National Guard troops in an attempt to rush the border at El Paso, an official told The Post.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is holding more than 200 migrants whom the state wants to arrest and charge, but federal authorities “are not being as cooperative as Border Patrol,” according to the official.

The 70 who have been arrested face charges for misdemeanor rioting, the source said.

On Wednesday, the state charged nine migrants allegedly involved in the assault on soldiers deployed to the region.

They face charges of inciting a riot, damage of property of over $2,500 and assault on members of the Guard.

The first to be charged was Honduran national Junior Evaristo-Benitez, 21, who allegedly stomped on a soldier’s knee “purposefully and with malice” during the assault.

The migrants involved in the riot tore down border wire erected by the state, knocking down soldiers as they rushed to Gate 36, hoping Border Patrol agents on the other side would take them into custody and allow them into the US.

Shortly before the border rush, soldiers in the area began turning small groups of single adult migrants back toward Mexico.

That’s when they became agitated and decided to rush the guardsmen.

Authorities later confiscated knives and shanks from some of those involved in the riot, according to a National Guard source.

At least one migrant had also attempted to grab a soldier’s firearm during the incident.

Some of the soldiers near Gate 36 that day were transported to a nearby hospital for minor injuries.

At least one migrant had also attempted to grab a soldier’s firearm during the incident.

“These people were willing to assault military,” the National Guard source told The Post. “They were willing to assault law enforcement. They have complete disregard for our laws.”

The state has since beefed up its presence of National Guard soldiers and Department of Public Safety troopers in El Paso, while placing more border wire across the area to deter illegal crossings and encourage migrants to present themselves at proper ports of entry.


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