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Trump blasts Jim Jordan as ‘loser’ in SNL skit mocking House havoc, Lauren Boebert’s groping scandal

“Saturday Night Live” lampooned the havoc in the House, ridiculing failed GOP speaker nominee Rep. Jim Jordan, his fringe allies Reps. George Santos and Lauren Boebert and de facto party leader former president Donald Trump as the show’s cold open spoofed lawmakers’ inability to elect a new House speaker.

Mikey Day portrayed Jordan, who on Friday lost a secret ballot vote to remain the GOP nominee for the speakership after failing on a third ballot.

Speaking in his office, Day, playing the Ohio conservative says, “No, I didn’t win, honey. No, not this time either. It’s okay. I’m feeling good.” After completing the call he then breaks the receiver in half.

“Some of us are here to actually serve the American people,” Day says. “All I want to do is get Congress back to work so I can shut it down again.”

An assistant, portrayed by Heidi Gardner, steps into his office to bring him a new phone and introduce Santos, played by Bowen Yang, who has come with a baby to offer his support.

“George Santos? Why do you have a baby?” Day asks

“No one seems to know,” Yang replies before handing the baby to Gardner, telling her to “Just put him in an Uber.”

Yang then offers his condolences to Day, telling him: “I want you to know I voted for you, and get this, so did Shoshanna Loggins.” To which Day replies, “Who’s that?”

“Also me,” Day’s lyin’ lawmaker with an alleged penchant for identity fraud quipped.

Day then asks if he should try running for speaker another time. “Well, look, I would be lying if I said yes,” Yang says. “So, yes,” He then takes a call he said was from Tupac, answering, “Girl, I know. Jada is crazy.”

Boebert, portrayed by Chloe Fineman, then called into Jordan’s office to talk about his failed bid while being groped in a theater.

“Are you out somewhere?” Day asks, to which she replies, “Yeah. I gotta go. I’m at the theater seeing ‘Aladdin.’”

At last, Day is visited by former President Donald Trump, portrayed by James Austin Johnson, who enters calling out, “Yoo-hoo, is this the loser’s office?”

“Are you out somewhere?” Day asks, to which she replies, “Yeah. I gotta go. I’m at the theater seeing ‘Aladdin.’”

“You endorsed me and then you just kind of disappeared,” Day replies.

“Yeah, well, that’s because I prefer the Jordans who win, Okay?” Johnson said. “Like the great Michael Jordan or the even greater Jordin Sparks. ‘No Air,’ remember that? Now that was a song. Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air. You can’t. You can’t do it.”

Johnson then boasts that people say he would make a great speaker, as he alluded to Trump’s 91 felony charges/

“Sadly, I’ll be too busy campaigning, traveling from city to city, visiting their beautiful courtrooms,” he said. “But I’m doing great things for the courts. Great things for the courts.”

Day begins to vent, telling Johnson, “I did exactly what you would do. Intimidation. Threats. Why didn’t it work?”

Johnson simply retorts, “Well, because, frankly, you’re not me, OK? You’re no fun, I’m hilarious.”

The second SNL episode of the season was hosted by rapper and singer Bad Bunny, who doubled as musical guest.

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