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White neighbor accused of hosing down black partygoers says he has received death threats

A white man accused of hosing down a prominent black doctor and his partygoers in what has been described as “a scene reminiscent of 1960s Birmingham, Alabama” claims he has been receiving death threats since the viral incident — and fears he may lose his Queens home.

Marcus Rosebrock, 48, described how his life has been “destroyed” since he was sued by his Forest Hills neighbor, Dr. Yves Duroseau — who heads emergency medicine at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital — and 19 of his guests for pulling out a garden hose and spraying them as they celebrated Duoseau’s sister’s birthday on Sept.17, 2022.

“I’m getting death threats over the phone,” he told the Daily Mail, adding that his children “are already scared.

“We had to let them know what was going on because there are a lot of black families in the area — but it is not like that,” he claimed.

“We had to inform the school too. I’m a class parent and I volunteer at the school,” the stay-at-home dad said. “But we had to tell them, because rumors spread.

“This has already destroyed us,” Rosebrock continued. “They are trying to take away everything I own. My kids could end up on the street, I could end up losing this house.

“They believe we are loaded, but we are not. I have not worked for the last 10 years — I have been at home taking care of the kids,” he said.

Rosebrock also claimed, “There is still much more to be discovered about what happened, but I can’t say anymore because my attorney told me not to.”

He is accused in a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court of “water hosing” Duroseau’s guests with a high-pressure hose that “was extremely powerful and stinging in nature.”

Yves Duroseau and a few others then climbed a treehouse to see Rosebrock from over the fence and ask him to stop, the suit claims.

Video showed guests scattering and trying to avoid the water that was coming over the fence into the backyard of the Duroseaus’ Forest Hills home

“Instead of stopping the water hosing of the Duroseaus and their guests, Defendant Rosebrock doubled down and continued water hosing,” the court documents claim.

The neighbor also pointed the powerful water stream directly at the men in the perch making them “afraid that they would be knocked to the ground from out of the tree house,” the suit claims.

“Instead of stopping the water hosing of the Duroseaus and their guests, Defendant Rosebrock doubled down and continued water hosing,” the court documents claim.

One person tried to “calmly” reason with Rosebrock, who simply doused her “from head to toe,” the filing says.

All the attendees “were completely drenched” and “humiliated,” according to the suit, which also brings claims against an unidentified white woman that let herself into the Duroseaus’ home accompanied by a German shepherd, demanding that the music get turned down.

Speaking about the incident to the Daily Mail, Rosebrock said the party was “way too loud” starting at around 4 p.m. and lasting past 10 p.m. “getting progressively louder.”

He said other neighbors also complained about the noise levels, claiming there were five calls to 311 and two calls to 911 over the incident.

The Post has reached out to the New York Police Department to verify that claim.

But Duroseau has claimed Rosebrock didn’t even ask him to turn the music down before opening fire with his garden hose on the 19 revelers — all black and Latino, except for one white guest.

“If someone asked me to turn the music down [because] their kids cannot sleep, that would automatically happen,” he said at a news conference Thursday.  “There were absolutely no words prior to him hosing us.

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